Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal: Apple calls for tougher rules

While all eyes are focused on Facebook and Cambridge Analytica since the scandal broke , here is a voice that we did not particularly expect to hear on this topic: that of Tim Cook. The CEO of Apple has indeed expressed on the subject while he was in Beijing. On that occasion, he pleaded for tougher regulation to avoid the resurgence of this type of problem.

”  I think this particular situation is so serious and so important that it is probably necessary to put in place a well-designed regulation  ,” he said, whose remarks were reported by Bloomberg . ”  The ability of anyone to know what you have been watching for years, who are your contacts, who are their contacts, what do you like and do not like and every intimate detail of your life – from my point of view , that should not exist  .

”  We have been concerned for many years that people in many countries are abandoning their data, probably without knowing exactly what [companies] are doing […], that someday something would happen and that people would be unbelievably shocked by what was done without them realizing it  , “he added. ”  Unfortunately, this prediction came true more than once  .”


The release of Tim Cook is not necessarily entirely innocent: even if the business model of Apple is relatively different from Facebook – the first builds electronic devices while the second manages a social network, for short – both companies may be in direct competition in a number of sectors, such as artificial intelligence.

Naturally, one can understand from a competitor that he wants his rival to have additional obligations to respect, so that all these regulatory and legislative barriers impede relatively his freedom of movement. Thus, the General Regulation on data protection , even if it will affect Apple, is, we can imagine, well received in Cupertino for the new constraints it will weigh on Facebook.

However, it would probably be insufficient to limit Tim Cook’s comment to a simple competitive logic. Obviously, there is a deep divergence of views between Apple and Facebook, as the two companies do not have the same business model at all. The Cupertino company is thus very little – if at all – dependent on personal data, unlike the creation of Mark Zuckerberg.


This is not the first time that Tim Cook has attacked Facebook and, through him, his business model. In 2015, while receiving a prize at a ceremony organized by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which is a leading American association dedicated to the defense of digital freedoms, the Apple CEO attacked these companies that live only with the exploitation of personal data.

”  Our privacy is attacked on multiple fronts. […] Some of the largest and most successful companies have built their business model by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information. They gobble up everything they know about you and then try to profit from it,  “said the entrepreneur.

And if he was careful not to name his targets, everyone understood who spoke Tim Cook: Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

Cambridge Analytica: the company at the heart of the personal data scandal closes its doors

Cambridge Analytica, the company that is at the heart of the personal data scandal sucked up via a quiz on Facebook, has announced it is throwing in the towel. The British company considers that it is no longer possible to continue facing the media tsunami against it.

It’s over for Cambridge Analytica. The British company, which was at the center of the scandal of personal data retrieved via a quiz published on Facebook, said Wednesday, May 2 that it was out of business. It and its parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL), have announced that they have initiated an ”  insolvency proceeding in the UK  “.

”  The company immediately ends all of its activities,  ” the group said in a statement, as ”  it has been determined that it is no longer viable to continue this activity, leaving Cambridge Analytica without any alternative. realistic  “. This also applies to the company’s US operations, which will soon be the subject of a procedure to organize their bankruptcy.

Data drives everything we do.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted in March, thanks to a whistleblower.

In this case, it was discovered that this company was collecting data through the assistance of another firm, Global Science Research, which acted as a subcontractor. A quiz application, ”  This Is Your Digital Life  “, was developed. However, it did not record that the responses of Internet users: it also aspired their data and those of their contacts on Facebook.

If the application had been installed “only” by a little more than 300 000 people, a total of 87 million Internet users were affected, because of the rules at the time very loose Facebook on the access to data. In France, there were approximately 211,000 people affected. It is possible to check if its information has been siphoned by following this link.


On the occasion of the release of its press release, Cambridge Analytica again challenged the way things were presented in the media.

”  In recent months, Cambridge Analytica has been the subject of many unsubstantiated accusations and, despite the company’s efforts to correct this, has been vilified for activities that are not only legal, but also widely accepted as a classic aspect of online advertising in the political as well as commercial areas,  “she says.

”  Despite Cambridge Analytica’s unwavering confidence in the fact that its employees acted ethically and legally, […] the head office caused by the media coverage drove virtually all customers and suppliers out of the company  .” In addition, based on an independent survey commissioned by her, Cambridge Analytica says that ”  nothing that its employees read or heard was what they were really doing to make a living  .”

Mistakes to Avoid with Online Businesses

There are a few things you should know about when it comes to running an online business. Email marketing is the key. To put it plainly, an email rundown is a thing that will represent the moment of truth for your online business. Sparing cash is fine and dandy, yet not with regards to your email list. This is one of the many errors that people often do when they are running an online business. They do not realize how important email marketing can be. Be that as it may, in some cases you simply need to commit errors so as to learn, so don’t blow a gasket in the event that you commit mistakes.

Basic Mistakes to Avoid with Online Businesses

Disregard turning into an overnight achievement and concentrate on the way toward building your business one block at once. Other than disregarding email marketing, there are other common mistakes that people make when running an online business, such as by doing too much all at once. Try not to begin more than one business or site at once. It might appear like you can deal with it, yet you can’t. The workload develops the more you get into the procedure, so you’ll wear out in the event that you attempt to do so. You may have numerous thoughts, yet pick one core interest.

Concentrate on a certain something, and quit attempting to do everything. There’s no need to be in a rush. Yes, you need to profit at the earliest opportunity, yet attempting to go speedier will simply back you off. It sounds outlandish, however, it’s valid. Unwind, let things take time and continue advancing slowly and carefully. In case you manage to get to the point of things in the online business world, you would be glad about the payout you will get.

Online Business Marketing Tips

Marketing is one of the hardest parts of running an online business. On the other hand, in case you manage to do it right, and you as of now have a pretty solid reputation, you will manage well. You don’t need to intrude on individuals with advertising since they as of now need to hear more from you themselves. They’ve developed to know, trust and like you. Everything comes down to taking care of individuals’ issues. You do this by a mix of free and paid substance. The free substance gives individuals an essence of what you can do, and it drives them to the paid substance, in the event that they need to take in more.

Useful Online Business Marketing Tips

The primary concern is that keeping in mind the end goal is to assemble a stage, you need to improve individuals’ lives in somehow, and you need to do as such in a specialty where individuals will pay for your offered assistance. A standout amongst the most vital components in your online business is your email list. It’s one of the best measurements to perceive how you’re doing. On the off chance that your email rundown is developing, you’re heading on the right course.

The issue is that many individuals never fabricate an email list. It costs a couple of additional dollars a month, so they spare cash in the short-term, however, what they don’t understand is that attempting to spare cash now may wind up costing them a fortune later. Blog supporters are just fine, yet email endorsers are more responsive and they’ve really raised their hand to hear more from you. They need your stuff in their inbox. They will probably open your messages and make more move than customary blog supporters. You should definitely take advantage of this.

Marketing Your Online Business

In running an online business, you have to figure out how to market your products or services. There are plenty of ways to do this, such as with affiliate showcasing. Affiliate showcasing implies offering other individuals’ items for a commission. You can go anyplace between five to one hundred percent for a deal you allude. It’s a simple approach to begin profiting with your business, and it’s a magnificent approach to supplement your items and administrations. Coaching, counselling and gathering instructing bundles are also famous in a few markets.

Tips for Marketing Your Online Business

Everything relies on what your clients and customers need. Benefits generally mean you need to exchange dollars for quite a long time, yet they give you significant knowledge into your clients’ battles. Self-distributing is turning out to be increasingly well known nowadays also. Some people think that it’s difficult to bring home the bacon offering three to five dollars on Kindle books. Regardless, it’s an awesome approach to acquaint new individuals with your work. When you have a strong stage, you’ll concoct numerous different methods for profiting.

You can hold workshops, do the open talking, band together with others, and the rundown continues. That is the excellence of having an online business. When you do things right, a good thing happens, yet not overnight. At the very least, you should have a site and an email list brimming with individuals that need to get 

notification from you. You can have a major gathering of people and not have a business. Everything relies on how you set everything up and the general population you pull in. Having a stage like this gives you openings, since when you have individuals listening to you, you have something profitable. All in all, make sure not to neglect marketing efforts in order to handle your online business well.